Sunday, 7 October 2007

You are now entering Badlands!

A high speed police car chase resulted in a very bad accident at 23.45 on Monday night 1 October 2007 at the junction of Mauldeth Road and Clifton Road in Heaton Moor (location postcode SK4 4BU). The car being pursued crashed into the perimeter wall and iron railings of the property at Westleigh, causing considerable damage and blocking the pavement. The police informed the Council, but so far nothing has been done to either protect or isolate the area. Two or three plastic objects have been placed amongst the rubble, but these have no effect whatsoever.

Accidents of this kind (many caused for the same reasons) are quite frequent at this location. Requests have been made to the Council for some form of protective barriers - but have so far been ignored or refused.

Amazingly enough, although the car was a write-off, the driver survived - and managed to escape, despite the police helicopter, which kept the rest of us awake.

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