Friday, 16 February 2007

Save our Savoy?

We are fortunate indeed to have one of the last small local independent cinemas on our doorstep. The Savoy is convenient, comfortable, and amazingly cheap. The only problem is that nobody goes to it. Last time I was in there, the audience total could be counted on my one hand which wasn't holding the ice cream. So, the poor woman who runs the place is operating at a loss: hence the myth that it's being run as a front for money-laundering. But now she's called local bluff and put it up for grabs - and beer-saloon giant the Barracuda group are applying to take over the site. Queue public outcry - of the kind which went up when Tesco established its foothold. We don't want it. We don't need it. And it shouldn't be allowed anyway. So goes the argument. These are the same people who rent DVDs twice a week, but suddenly they are simultaneously dewy-eyed and hot under the collar about a cinema they don't go to. Are we to have another derelict building gracing the main road, or more brushed aluminium 'continental' tables spread invitingly across the pavement? Watch this space.

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