Monday, 9 July 2007

Business on the Moor

Heaton Moor is a rich middle-class suburb offering golden opportunities to would-be entrepreneurs. But to be successful you need to understand the prevailing ethos of commerce in the area. These are just a few tips to help those ready to make an investment and reap the rewards.

If you are starting up a new business, it's best to make a close study of those already operating. One glance at trade along Heaton Moor Road should tell you that unless you're in a position to start a new charity shop or an estate agency, you should strongly consider opening a hairdressing salon or a nail shop. There's just no end to the demand for these services. You could also go for a wine bar, or an Asiatic takeout.

Staffing should present no difficulty. After all, there are several schools nearby - so you can recruit fourth-formers in the holidays. They will gladly accept the minimum wage or below. If they give any trouble, a brisk staff turnover keeps everybody on their toes. Training is not really worth the investment, so there's another saving. Alternatively, use relatives such as your aunt or mother-in-law: they will have local knowledge and be able to relay gossip.

All modern business practice theories tell us that the secret of success is to keep as small a stock inventory as possible. Don't worry if you don't have what customers require: they will be happy to wait ten or fourteen days for their order to come through. Alternatively, when a customer asks for something, tell them there's no demand for it.

Opening hours. This is another excellent way to keep costs down. Make sure you close at 5.00 pm promptly in the afternoon. After all - nobody expects shops to be open after that time. Enjoy well-deserved half-day closing on both Wednesday and Saturday, and make sure you close completely for two weeks annual holiday.

Given the uncertain business climate, there is no point investing in elaborate shop fittings. Use self-adhesive plastic Fablon to give your shelving a 'contemporary' feel, and a lick of paint every decade should otherwise do the trick nicely.

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