Thursday, 9 August 2007

Polish Deli?

Anyone catching sight of the Pokusevski's Delicatessen on Shaw Rd in Heaton Moor might assume that it is a Polish Deli. However, upon entering they might be slightly disappointed not to find such specialities as kazsa. barszcz, orzcrek, bigos or chlodnik. (Yes, you're right, I looked them up in wkipedia). Indeed, the boards of goods on sale do not include one item that I would say was quintessentially Polish. Even the youngish dark haired owner turns out to have been born in Bosnia from where he came to complete a doctorate at UMIST. From there he worked in the aricraft industry for a while but the family tradition of restauranteering caught up with him in the end and he opened the deli. He expplained, almost apologetically I thought, that his gandfather was from the Ukraine - well,that's near enough to Poland I suppose.

Such calculations seem irrelevant once you enter the shop, however, as it is resplendently well stocked with all the standard deli fare of cheeses, cold meats, dips, pies and quiches and all the rest you might expect. But the real delight of the place is the area out back where you can enjoy a marvellous cup of coffee and a good range of sandwiches, pannini and other soups, snacks and drinks. And all at very reasonable prices. It's been here a year and this was the first time I'd tried it. It won't be the last.

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