Saturday, 20 January 2007

Restaurants on the Moor

Bon viveur Bill Jones reports on Heaton Moor's eateries, wine bars, and smooth locations. He's put a lot of time and waist-expanding effort into these researches, so take note if you want a good night out.

Well located on the corner of Green Lane and Moorside Road. It offers more room than the cramped Valentinos. Opened about two months ago and ever since has been busy whenever I've walked past it. The food is good quality, cheap and cheerful Italian - pastas, pizzas, pollo this, pollo that - and generally good value for money. The service is quick and very friendly - a big plus for the Moor where service tends to be poor. In fact it's a virtual clone of the (now) rival from which it originated. Overall rating: a good 7.

The Bakery
This one of the better eating places on the Moor in that it's quite comfortable (ambiance 7/10), the food is well above average (8/10) but the service is poor (4/10). On occasions, I have had to wait an age for each course and once had to forego my sweet as a waiter had just cut off his finger. Modern interior design, but tiled floor pumps up all noise to ear-splitting level. [Corner of Shaw Road and Heaton Moor Road]

Heatons Tandoori
Amazingly good value fill-your-boots Indian restaurant. Prices low, service good, no frills, and popular from tea-time onwards. Clientele young families and young men with no jackets taking their girl fiends out for the night. If you sign the guest book, the management will send you a Christmas card - forever. (7/10) [Shaw Road]

The completely average, standard, cheap-and-cheerful Italian restaurant. Not a single surprise on the menu - but good value if you want to get round the wife after an argument. This place has survived whilst others have come and gone, so they must be doing something right. But what it is, I do not know. (6/10) [Heaton Moor Road]

Room 311
This place seeks to fulfill a slightly more upmarket niche than, for example Valentinos. Beers and spirits are consequently overpriced, though wines less so. The price factor does not deter large groups of drinkers from crowding the open-air tables and chairs in summer. Food good - tuna steaks, stuffed chicken breasts - and the chips are virtually irrestistible. Good value for money. Service generally welcoming though can be unpredictably tardy. 7.5/10 overall. [Near Savoy]

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