Thursday, 18 January 2007

Pubs on the Moor

Heaton Moor appears to be well-blessed in terms of its pubs, but visits to them are likely to prove that they are not as varied as their appearance might suggest. The following are in descending order of desirability.

The Nursery
A regular award-winner in CAMERA's 'Pub of the Month' competition. The main feature is a comfortable wood-panelled lounge. Relaxed on opening hours. Food well-rated. Clientele completely divided between darts players in the Smoke Room and mature conversationalists in the Lounge. Recommended. [Green Lane]

The Griffin
The most attractive features here are the stunning Victorian curved etched-glass bar and a selection of comfortable side rooms. Clientele divided between Manchester City supporters and taxi-cab drivers. Killer feature - beer at less than £1.50 a pint. Beware of the landlady. [Didsbury Road]

The Moor Top
The traditional pub sign shows a shepherd with crook and (rather bizaarely) three-piece suit, plus his trusty collie waiting to round up sheep. Inside, the ambiance is wide-screen Sky TV, with In-ger-lund buntings throughout the year. Clientele: OAPs at lunch time, and Youf the rest of the day, with baseball cap, tatoos, and the white Ford escort in the car park. Beer - over-priced rubbish. Oh - one plus. There's free broadband access if you need it. [Heaton Moor Road]

The Crown
Quaint traditional Robinson's pub situated in conservation area of Heaton Mersey. Country-style low ceilings, snugs, and olde-worlde furnishings. Comfortable, but suffers from a culture of militant Nationalist ambiance which seems to persist (rather like the Royal Oak in Didsbury) from previous eras. Handy for recently-notorious dogging spot in local car park. [Didsbury Road]

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